Terms and Conditions

In order to get a reservation, the interested party is obliged to read the following terms and conditions of our company carefully (Transfer4u, Dimokratias 6, Evosmos, Thessaloniki, 2311821212) and which you accept by filling in  the relevant field before completing the booking.

The company has the right to change any of the following conditions without notice. Customers can be informed about any changes through our site or possibly by email.


Customer Services

Transfer4u offers transfer services through online bookings. In order to book an online transfer service for passengers or unaccomapanied minors you must first complete the booking form and continue by pressing the “Reserve Now” button. Then you will go to the next step where you must choose a vehicle, complete your personal details and choose method of payment. After completing all necessary steps, we will receive your request and the transfer service which you requested will be initiated. The booking cannot be regarded as official if our company has not confirmed your booking either by telephone or email.


Place and Time of Pick-up and Drop-off

The place of pick-up and drop-off is made known to our company by you during the booking procedure so you must be very careful when filling in details. For a smooth execution of routes make sure that pick up times allow you with comfort to be transported without unfortunate consequences, for example, missing a flight or boat routes. If you have any questions about the place and time of pick up, please consult our company and follow our advice carefully. In the event of a change in details, for example, change of flight and arrival times, you must inform us immediately about the change at our contact details which exist on our website so as to avoid any mistakes or extra charges.


Waiting time

With regard to airports, ports and stations, there is a maximum waiting time for after your scheduled pick up time. Transfer4u has set the maximum waiting time at 1 (one) hour. In the event that you do not show up at the specified spot within an hour of the scheduled appointment, our company representative (driver and vehicle) has the right to leave and consider the booking invalid. In this case, our cancellation policy is applied and you will be fined in accordance with our terms. In the event of a delay for whatever reason, for example, loss of suitcase and you have to declare it, you must inform us so that we wait for as long as it is needed.  In this case, our extra time policy will be applicable.


Accident, Injury or Illness

Make sure before your trip that you have secured accident or illness insurance from your travel agent. In the event of an accident or injury which was caused by a third party, our company Transfer4u, bears no liability. Our company vehicles are insured in the event of an accident but only when they are caused by us. In the event of illness, the passenger bears the responsibility to protect himself. In addition, we do not bear any liability in the event of illness due to bad quality food, water, alcohol or whatever may arise from a visit to restaurant, cafe, etc. In the event that you ask us for a recommendation, we can suggest spots that are possibly suitable for everyone but we are not responsible for your choice.

Methods of Payment

Customers can pay for their booking with various methods such as: Cash to the driver of the vehicle, Paypal, POS card in the vehicle or via Bank Transfer in one of the following bank accounts:

IBAN: GR5101722640005264094206591

Main Beneficiary:

Required prerequisite for every booking is a telephone number. Our company confirms each booking by telephone or email with the customer.  If the customer does not respond to our communication, then the booking is regarded as invalid and cancelled.

For Paypal payments, the customer can be informed about their terms and conditions.

In the event of a change or cancellation of a valid booking, then the customer informs via email at least 1 day before the scheduled arrival. Otherwise, the deposit is lost or/and the total amount that you have given.



Our company Transfer4u in no way compensates amounts that exceed the amount paid by the customer to the company.  In the rare case where the company fails to carry out the transfer paid by the customer, then the customer may claim compensation which does not exceed the amount paid to the company for the transfer.


Note: For all destinations which are offered by the company, our drivers reserve the right to refuse transfer to the customer in the event that the customer is under the influence of alcohol and/or has aggressive or insulting behaviour towards the driver. In these cases, there will be no compensation to the customer.  In cases of damage by the customer, Transfer4u reserves the right to prosecute, as well as seek compensation for any damages.

You can exercise the right to rescission within 14 calendar days, without giving the company the reason of such action. You must notify the company in writing or any other clear statement (e.g. postal letter, fax or email) provided that you receive written consent from our company.

A prerequisite for the withdrawal is to print a withdrawal form, be completed and sent to our company with proof of payment of the booking (if any payment has taken place).

Exclusions from the right of withdrawal: those contracts which have fully been executed by both parties at the consumer’s request before the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal.

Payment for services provided before withdrawal.

  1. a) The fulfilment of financial services from a distance contract begins only after the customer’s written statement, which provides the relevant consent.
    b) If the consumer exercises the right to withdraw, he/she is obliged to pay as soon as possible, only for the financial service that has actually been provided by the supplier according to the distance contract. The amount cannot:
  • exceed an amount depending on the extent of the services already provided in comparison with the total services which the distance contract forsees.
  • in no case can it be such as to be seen as a penalty.
  1. c) The supplier cannot demand from the consumer to pay any amount unless it can be proven that the consumer was duly informed about the amount payable. The supplier, however, may in no case, demand such payment, if they have begun to execute the contract before the expiration of the withdrawal deadline, which is set in the case of subparagraph (a), without any previous relevant written notice by the consumer.
  2. d) The supplier is obliged to reimburse the customer as soon as possible and no later than 30 calendar days, whatever amount received by the consumer in accordance with the distance financial service, except for the amount referred to in subparagraph (b). The time limit begins from the day the supplier received the Declaration of Withdrawal.

If you have requested to receive services during the withdrawal period, you are obliged to pay, in comparison with the full covereage of the contract, an amount which is in accordance with what we have offered you until you request to withdraw from a current contract.

In order for our office to offer proper services, we need to know the exact number of baggage and/or any other baggage with special sizes such as car seats, children’s strollers, special equipment, wheelchairs, and so on for which you must inform us about during the booking stage of your route in the specific field “Order Notes.”

Our company is required to notify that all our vehicles offer air-conditioning, wi-fi access, safety belts and comply to all maintainance regulations and European standards.

All our affiliates are Greek professionals, certified drivers with many years of experience and are committed to offer services of high standards.

Our foremost concern is care, precision, safety and comfort of the client.

Every time that somebody makes a booking, they will receive a paper (usually through email) in which the booking is confirmed and contains all details.  This will be necessary upon pick up of the customer. No customer can be picked up if they do not have with them the proof of booking.

There is a chance of a change in the booking regarding the type or model of the vehicle in order to cover the needs of the company.

It is our responsibility to serve the customer without delay in the event of some accident or malfunction of the vehicle during the journey.

It is strictly forbidden the use or transfer inside the vehicle of alcohol, smoking, or drug use.

In the event of a delay in a flight, our company is obliged to wait.

Necessary details that are needed for a booking to be regarded as complete are mentioning the following details:  Name, Surname, Flight number, Arrival time, Telephone number of the client, Destination (Hotel/Home) and a telephone number of the destination. The customer is obliged to check and make sure that all information in the booking is correct. Any mistake must be mentioned in an email before the scheduled transfer of the client.  The company bears no responsibility after the booking.

In the event that a client for personal reasons is forced to cancel a booking, then the company gives the client the right to cancel a booking totally free if it is within the allowed limit of 3 days before the scheduled arrival, without any extra charges except for 5 euros if the booking has been paid through Paypal.

In the case that a booking is made by telephone then the company assumes that the client is aware of all the terms and accepts the terms and requirements of the company.

Transfer4u has the right to charge the client extra in the event that the client has more baggage or equipment than they had informed during the booking.

However, the company bears no liability in the event of a problem arising or conditions that are beyond the control of the company such as: traffic delays for example, car accidents, road bans,extreme weather conditions, vandalism or terrorist attacks. The company ensures privacy of information with regards to transfers of clients and in no way can they share your personal information with third parties.  All the information that is collected from our professional relationship is used only to improve our services to you. In the event of a disagreement, a violation of any term, your authorization to use this website and its services will be revoked automatically.

Please always keep in mind that by using these websites and/or by making bookings through it, you continually and without reservation accept the terms of use and chiefly the supplier of whichever service or product.


Customer Responsibility

Customers use the website at their own liability, according to the these Terms of Use and the contexual guidelines of the company, which are posted in the websites of the virtual world, exclusively for the purposes that are mentioned here. Any other use of the website is forbidden. The customer is required to abstain from using the website for purposes:

  1. a) of the collection, processing and saving of personal details of customers of the website.
    b) the sending of email, the publication or the broadcasting of whatever material which is illegal and breaches the rights of third parties.

The customer upon payment of the product is obliged only to use a card, which is issued in their name. The company bears no responsibility in the opposite case.

The customer is obliged to install on their computer the latest updates of programs, functional systems and antivirus programs and relevant programs for protection of personal data and eletronic computers (antivirus programs, antispywear, firewalls, etc).

The customer is responsible for any damage the company endures, which is caused by actions or omission of them, as whatever illegal, unconvetional and/or misconducted actions during the use of the website.

The customer is responsible for the choice of products and its suitability for their purposes.

Access of User and Customer to the website, browsing in it, the use of its contents and sending of orders for the sale of products through it is free of charge. However, the user and the Customer is burdened with the Internet connection chages.