Pella – Kopanos – Vergina

Alexander the Great and his steps through history

The duration of this day trip is 8 hours and includes visits to locations which are marked in history as the footsteps of The Great Macedonian General.

Departure from Thessaloniki at 8:00 am to Pella.

Visit to the archeological site of Pella and the Neo Archeological Museum. Here you can see how daily life, religious life and burial customs of the ancient Macedonians were like through impressive collections and the interaction of a unique in historical value archeological site.

Departure at 10:00 am to Kopanos.

Visit to the Macedonian Grave of “Kriseos”, or else known as the grave of Pefkesta. As reported in ancient Greek bibliography, Pefkestas was an officer in the Macedonian army and honoured bodyguard of Alexander the Great, who at one time managed to save the Macedonian king from certain death!

The tour ends with a visit to Nimfeo of Miezas, the school of the greatest ancient Greek philosopher and teacher of Alexander the Great, Aristotle. Nimfeo of Miezas, however, is not exclusively characterized because of the traces that these two great personalities of the ancient world left behind, but it is also known for its incomparable natural beauty.

Departure at 13:00 pm for Vergina.

Visit to the archeological site of Vergina (ancient Aiges), the unique UNESCO world heritage monument. The burial monuments of the Macedonian kings (among them that of King Phillip 2nd, the father of Alexander the Great, the famous golden larnac with its sixteen ray star and lots of incomparable in value findings will magnetize you for an unforgettable 2 hours.

Departure from Vergina at 15:00 pm and arrival in Thessaloniki at 16:00 pm.

160 euros for up to 4 people / taxi or sedan
250 euros for up to 8 people / minivan

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