Edessa – Loutra Loutrakiou (Pozar) – Orma

The Greatness of Mother Nature

This day trip lasts nine hours and includes departure from the city of Thessaloniki at 08:00 am and arrival in Edessa at 09:30 am.

Visit to the waterfalls of Edessa, stop for breakfast – coffee. Departure at 10:30 am to Loutra Pozar.

Excellent natural surrounding, natural and artificial waterfalls, swimming pools, hamam, spa and a whole Baths Town waiting to offer you therapeutic qualities from its springs.

Departure at 13:30 pm to Orma.

At the foothills of Mount Voras (Kaimaktsalan), Orma is the second most popular tourist destination in Almopias. It is a traditional village with paved alleys, tall plane trees and exceptional local food and drinks which you can try at the renowned taverns in the central square.

Departure from Orma at 15:00 pm and arrival in Thessaloniki at 17:00 pm.

160 euros for up to 4 people / taxi or sedan
250 euros for up to 8 people / minivan

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