Amfipoli – Filippoi – Kavala

The duration of this trip is nine hours and includes the following:

Departure from Thessaloniki at 08:00 am and arrival in Amfipoli at 09:30 am.  Tour around the archeological site and at 11:00 am departure to visit one more UNESCO world heritage monumemt, the Archeological site Filippon.

Departure at 12:20 pm for Kavala. Kavala is an amphitheatrically built town with many paved streets. The Acropolis, the old and new town all lead to the impressive port where you can relax at one of the local taverns or cafes with a view of endless blue!

Departure from Kavala at 15:00 pm and arrival in Thessaloniki at 17:00 pm.

220 euros for up to 4 people / taxi or sedan
320 euros for up to 8 people / minivan

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Terms: The day trip to Amfipoli – Filippoi – Kavala can include any combination of destinations and/or each one separately (e.g. visit only to Kavala, etc). The price is configured accordingly .

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